Wednesday, March 9, 2011

one of a kind from a thousand of the same

One day, we will own a home. I have always been consumed by work-in-progress projects and I constantly bookmark, rip out, tab images that I come across. Over the past weekend my negotiation skills scored me a free reign over the decoration of our future home in exchange for an indoor golf simulator. I don't think my boyfriend fully comprehends my wickedly awesome memory and isn't aware that he has verbally signed a contract.

I suspect our home will never be complete as I will always scour for new additions and designs. But isn't life about always bettering ourselves? So why not do the same with the place we spend majority of our time? I plan on learning the art of upholstery (those of you living in NYC, check out Furniture Joint) so that I can create unique pieces for our home. In the meantime, I thought I'd journal some of my ideas so that when the day comes, I don't make impulse bulk purchases at my local furniture store.

A cupboard full of colorful drinkware. I vow that no two mugs will be the same.
anthropologie home 

Built in bookshelf for our collection of books and precious gifts from around the world. 

An abundance of natural light in the bathroom will shower us every morning. 

Wall of black & white photos will capture our memories and grow as we grow. 

The foot of the bed bench will allow for some relaxation before a busy day. 
Previous pictures are taken from Decor Pad


  1. totally know what you mean about WIP and bookmarking :) i hope one day you will have the space you want!

  2. I can't wait to come and visit you in your fab place. The bathroom pic looks like my dream bathroom. Love all your ideas!