Thursday, January 27, 2011

Green with envy

After I press "complete order" at an online store, the days leading up to its arrival are so painful. I literally die with anticipation. When I received my first pair of Piperlime shoes, I was in awe. I'm sure my pair of fabulous black riding boots came from aisle CC, 5th shelf, bin 21 in a warehouse somewhere in the South. But when I opened the box, I could only envision an elf putting together my box-o-fun while humming a joyous tune. The shoe boxes are always neatly wrapped with brown tissue paper sealed with a lime sticker and the receipts come inserted in these green envelopes. And the kicker? The boxes are lined with limes in the inside. What an impressionable service and an awesome customer experience!


Over the past few years, I've been collecting these little green envelopes in hopes of using them again. (Let's be honest, the beautifully lined boxes are awesome too, but saving shipping boxes would cause havoc in my studio apartment). Then it dawned on me, why not use them as greeting card holders! So I used one of these suckers for a birthday card.  I used watercolor pencils for the cake (I'll save my watercolor pencil saga for another post) and mini star brads for the candle light. 


  1. I was so surprised when I got my first Piperlime package! I never would've expected a Gap company to have such nice packaging. All of their other companies have really ordinary, dull packaging. I've kept a couple of those grewn envelopes too. Hehe. I like your star brads. Nice touch!